Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Paid Exercise--Woo!

So at my print shop job, we have about a billion 2-color decals we're printing. (A billion was my rough estimate, but I was actually informed it's only 800, well 2-colors so that means 1600 impressions. Sure seems like a billion, give-or-take.)

These decals are 4'x6' sheets and we print them on our biggest press which we call "Bob" (for reasons unknown to me). My job the other day was to grab one end of the decal out of the press, while another "highly skilled production assistant" grabbed the other end. We then took the decal towards the back of the shop, around another press and placed it on the conveyor that takes it through the big UV heater-thingy that cures the ink. The other schmuck, I mean worker, then walked back to Bob, while I skirted around the big heater thingy and caught the decal on the way out, stacked it, and then made the rest of my circuit back to where I started.

47 steps total each time. We did it 367 times that day. That's over 17,000 steps. Whew! I kind of felt it too! It is said that we should each walk 10,000 steps a day, so I definitely achieved my quota that day!

The boss came out to check on our progress, and I told him I wanted to be paid by the mile instead of the hour that day. He said he couldn't do that, but he wouldn't charge me for the exercise class. Funny guy, that boss.

We did another 100 or so yesterday and finished all the blue ink (I know that doesn't add up to 800, but some other "highly skilled production assistants" had their turn on another day). So it looks like I'll still be getting plenty of exercise in the coming week. Woo-hoo!


Shauna said...

That is great you are getting exercise :) Hope you have a great day!

LisAway said...

How very repetitive for you, but great that you get the workout. FREE!! :) I wish I had something forcing ME to move!

Magirk said...


You're a trooper. ;-)

(And I love the way you described 'the other worker.' Hee hee. Cuz, uh, I'm sarcastic like that, too!)