Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Art of Photography, Dance, and Friendship

So as I said in my previous post, we had a real, honest-to-goodness photographer come out and take photos of us getting ready for our dance performance.

I was so impressed by the detail that her eye caught, versus what we normal humans see. She has a true talent.

I asked her if she wouldn't mind photographing me in my cabaret costume before I put on my more tribal style costume for the performance.

I love how she caught the movement.

This photographer has a special place in my heart, as she is my ex-sister-in-law. (Although I really hate putting "ex" in front of anyone's title). I prefer to call her my kids' aunt.

We haven't spoken for 13 or so years, I guess. We had just recently (over the past year) gotten back in touch by reading each other's blogs. I am thankful that we are now friends again. I am really flattered that she was interested enough in our troupe and in bellydance to come photograph us. Thanks, Karen!


frankluna said...

what a sexy dance's so nice to combine the art of photography, dance, and friendship.the result is good more than o you expected...friendship is a priceless treasure you can have..I'm happy for you..

Holly said...

Gorgeous photo! Very sexy and definitely worth framing too. You're beautiful!!

Wendyburd1 said...

I found your site thru a mutual friend, and when I saw bellydancers, I was like my sister is not alone!! There ARE other Mormon bellydancers...who knew?! As her assistant/bodyguard/everything else she needs, during a lot of performances...I know more than I'd like (LOL) about bellydance,etc. Do you do it professionally? Katie (my younger sister) does, has a website,etc and LOVES it. It's the one thing that makes her really happy! And having to give up a trip to EGYPT for school reasons...broke her heart. SO she just spent over 2 grand on 4 costumes to console herself. And yes, I DO know, that 2 grand is a deal. She has costumes that cost her $800 a piece!! Crazy!! But she looks SOOO pretty...and I think "STOP LOOKING AT MY LITTLE SISTER!"

Magirk said...

That's a beautiful photograph. :-)

I love the movement, the colors, and you're so sexy, girl!! ;-)

Love it.

Glad you've been able to re-establish your relationship somewhat.

Magirk said...

(forgot to add...)

Those other pictures on her blog are really cool, too.

The colors, the activity,... really lovely photographs. ;-)

Summer said...

Wow- that is so cool! Hey, if you got it, flaunt it... ;D

Isn't it crazy what the internet has done to childhood/highschool friendships? I can't believe how fun it is just knowing that "so and so" is okay, and happy...

Hick said...

Just got back from Vermont and read this blog. It brought a tear to my eye. I don't like the "Ex" part either. I just call you my friend. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to do this and the wonderful things you said. it was easy to photograph you and the other gals because you are all so beautiful.