Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Can We Say "Overwhelmed"?

For the last week the kids room has been a disaster area. I haven't been able to face it. Without my help the girls can't clean it up on their own, so I have been just ignoring it.

Then the mess migrated to the living room because there was no room to play in the bedroom. A bit harder to ignore, but I tried.

Then the dishes didn't get done last night, which has been fairly common in the last week. They were calling to me. Stupid dirty dishes!

Today I finally felt I had the fortitude to start making a dent in my house of chaos and I did pretty well, I must say, but lately I have felt so incredibly overwhelmed I just don't know what to do. It is so incredibly hard to stay on top of the mess while doing in-home daycare. Even with getting the kids to help clean up, it mostly falls on me to keep things organized and put away, and with little bodies constantly on the move getting more stuff out it just gets to the point where I can't keep up and then to the point that I just say, "screw it", but then I cycle back around to the fact that it won't get done unless I do it, and the vicious little circle continues...

I decided that I'm for sure quitting daycare when school is out this year. It's a relief to know that in 3 months, give or take, I'm done. Stick a fork in me! I really couldn't even contemplate doing another summer of full time, full capacity daycare 10 hours a day, every day. My hat goes off to the women who do this for more than 3 years, but for me that's it.

I look forward to when I don't dread coming home after being out for the evening, and to when I can keep the chaos mostly under control.

So today at least, was a good day. I got things done and I don't feel like my walls are closing in on me. The beautiful weather helps too---if nothing else it keeps the kids outside!


Holly said...

Good for you! The sunshine helps so much. I know that whe I have productive days where I can see physical results of my work, it's a good feeling!

I did daycare for one little girl for about 9 months and then I said no more! You're my hero!

Anonymous said...

I've been overwhelmed lately too. I have a huge basket of unfolded laundry sitting next to my unmade bed (in fact, the bed hasn't been made all week). I'm trying to get motivated to work on our taxes so I've pulled all sorts of paperwork out and just left it in unsorted piles all over the office, which makes me feel even more overwhelmed. So what do I do to deal with everything, you ask? I read emails and blogs and ignore all the junk surrounding me (lol!). So far this hasn't been a very good strategy though since everything is still right where I left it. No magic organizing fairies have visited so I guess I'll have to do it myself.

~Big Sis :>)

Magirk said...

Awesome! Way to get something done - anything! ;)

Now, I don't do daycare in my home like you. Well, it feels like it sometimes, but they ARE my children, so where else are they gonna go!?

But you described all the thoughts in my mind about how to keep up with it all, especially when they are perpetually getting new things out.

Lately, my philosophy is, no matter how small, any accomplishment is worthy and of note!!

Way to go! ;)