Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Let Me Explain Something

I just had a discussion with a couple of my daycare kids about sharing. It wasn't your usual sharing discussion though. These two boys had found one of Shelby's little trinkets she got at a birthday party this weekend. A cool little Transformer block thing worth about 25 cents, tops.

One of the boys said, "You can't play with that. That's Shelby's." And the other boy said, "Yes I can. It's daycare, I can play with it if I want to." Then they began to argue and Shelby arrived on the scene and confiscated the toy.

The one boy says, "She has to share it with me huh, Lesley." At which time I explained to him, "No she does not have to share it. If she has a special toy that she doesn't want to share with daycare kids then that's fine. She has to share her house and all her other toys, a lot of which get broken and lost. So no, this toy she doesn't have to share if she doesn't want to."

Yes, the sharing rules sometimes have to be bent even for 25 cent toys.

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Ally said...

Absolutely! ;)

That would be exactly how I would say it.

(You're such a good, smart mom!)