Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #2

Thirteen things I have run out of this week.

1. TP--yes the dreaded running out of toilet paper happened. My husband "borrowed" a roll from an outhouse at a construction site across the street. It is like very thin, very white sandpaper. Nice.

2. Cascade--I perched my bottle of Cascade on the counter upside down for about 10 minutes and then shook it and squeezed it and got just enough to run the dishes. Yes, it made very rude noises at me, and no, hand washing the dishes is not an option!

3. Milk--there was just enough for me and Nat to each have a bowl of Life this morning (and just enough left in my bowl for my kitties to have their little treat too).

4. Mini chocolate chips--my old standby for a chocolate fix. I love to put a bunch of them in vanilla yogurt!

5. Grape jelly. And not just any grape jelly. I need Mary Ellen grape jelly on my PBJ's or it just isn't right!

6. Pearatin--the only hair product that stands between me and natural dreadlocks. I swear, without this I can barely get a comb through my hair when it's wet, and yes I use conditioner religiously, but this stuff is some sort of liquid miracle in an expensive little bottle.

7. Make up remover--I'm either going to adopt the "raccoon look" or figure out a different way to get the mascara out from under my eyes.

8. Girl Scout Cookies--yesterday. I still have one box of Thin Mints that I planned on sending to Cam. Any wagers if it will actually get to him or if it will be "mysteriously" lost in the mail? If I had my chocolate chips for backup this wouldn't be an issue.

9. Money. My account was negative $3 today. Gah! Luckily Mike has some money to do some grocery shopping after work today. (See items 1-5 for shopping list, above.)

And the last 4 in no particular order; these particular things run out, and are replenished on a daily or sometimes minute by minute basis:

10. Ideas

11. Energy

12. Motivation

13. Patience!!!


Holly said...

When it rains, it pours. And next to chocolate, TP is high on the list of needs.

Sue said...

Oh dear - running out of TP is never a good thing. I'm glad you had hubby to find a quick substitute, LOL.

I'm completely with you on 10 - 13. Hoo boy.