Monday, March 3, 2008

A Date with the Superstars

Mike and I had an actual date--just the two of us--on Friday night. This is a very rare occasion indeed. I think the last time we went out alone was sometime last April when we went to see Dr Laura's One Woman Show (I pretty much dragged him with me, but he ended up enjoying it). Even our last anniversary--our 10th, we had to take the girls to dinner with us for lack of a sitter. This time we went to see the Bellydance Superstars.

I bought my tickets as soon as I found out they were coming to our area back in November. I had seen their show last March, and couldn't wait to see them again. My niece was originally going to go with me, but with her on bed rest now, I had an extra ticket.

Mike is always a little bit clueless and I think it's because he really doesn't listen all that well, so he thought I was going to be performing! Ha! I had to explain that this wasn't a festival for local amateurs, but an actual show, with world class dancers. I still don't think he knew what to expect but he was willing to go.

I got fantastic seats, 4th row back right in the center. We sat next to an older couple and as Mike always does, he struck up a conversation with them. Turns out they were locals with season tickets to the performing arts center, and they come to every show. When Mike told the woman that I bellydance, she made a couple comments about him "reaping the rewards" and that maybe I would like a pole installed. Luckily I was in a good mood, and let the comments go. Usually I don't hesitate to put someone straight on the fact that it's not a dance to seduce men with and it has nothing to do with stripping. I just hoped that she would catch on to that by the end of the show.

The show was amazing! These women are so incredibly talented. The producer makes a point of putting on a very high caliber show to help promote bellydance in a positive way as a legitimate dance form and to get rid of some of the old false stereotypes such as the lady next to us expressed.

I realized when I was watching the show, and clapping along with the music, and smiling and oooing and ahhhing at the amazing dancing, that dance really is an expression of emotion for me. My teen daughter has accused me of being robotic in my emotions, and I think that dance is an outlet for me--it's a time that I really let go, in a way. My first teacher always said that dance should be an expression of your soul, and to me it really is.

On our way home, Mike says to me, "Not that you're not a good dancer or anything, but those women tonight were really good!" I told him I was not offended and in fact was pleased that he noticed their level of talent and not just their incredible physical beauty. That really was the whole point, after all. I told him that I know I'm just a "baby dancer" compared to them, but I'm totally ok with that.


Holly said...

How fun. And how cool that he'll go with you.

Magirk said...

Okay, I laughed about the lady saying the pole thing and you said, 'luckily I was in a good mood, and let the comments go.' LOL :D You're such a good sport!! Even I, who doesn't know MUCH about all the different dance types, knows that belly dancing isn't POLE DANCING!! I mean, come on, is POLE DANCING really dancing at all? Ahem. Moving on....

I LOVED reading this post! I can tell it's something you really enjoy and put your emotions into.

I'm glad your sweetheart went with you and that you both seemed to have a good time.

Yay! for date night!! :D