Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Bridge is OK

One of the speakers at church today was relating a time when she listened to the Holy Ghost, and hastily left the bay area without making the stops they had planned. This particular day she was waiting for her husband in the car and said she kept watching the clock and something kept telling her they needed to leave right away.

The time was about 4:45 when he returned and she urged him to just get them home. She said they ended up going over a different bridge instead of over the Bay Bridge. This was October 17, 1989, the day the Loma Prieta quake hit the bay area at 5:04pm.

When she got home her neighbor tearfully told her that the Bay Bridge had "fallen down". Had she made a stop or gone the other route she would've been on the Bay Bridge at the fateful time of the big earthquake of 1989.

My girls, at the time this lady was speaking, were busily making paper boats out of Sacrament programs and putting their little plastic animals in them, but as soon as the speaker had said that the Bay Bridge had fallen down, Nat's face fell and she looked up at me on the verge of tears. She said, "You mean we can't visit Cam anymore?" I had to explain to her that this event happened many years ago and that they fixed the bridge and made it stronger so it wouldn't happen again.

Nat was very relieved to hear that! It was funny that I didn't even think she was listening, but she did hear that part and made the connection. It was just really sweet to see the concern she had for her brother. I hope that maybe she absorbed some of the lesson of listening to promptings as well.


Magirk said...

Awwww, bless her heart. :-)

(P.S. - I giggled just a little when I read that.)

(Is that okay??)

Holly said...

What a sweetie. I well remember that day. I was at BYU and my family was at home in the Bay Area. It was about 8 hours before I had any word from them. My roommate, who was also from the Bay Area, and I huddled by the radio (we didn't have a television) listening to the news reports.