Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Hunting I Will Go

I've been job hunting recently. The job at the printing shop is driving me crazy. Two things about it in fact:

1. There's not much interaction with others. We each go to our respective area or machine and put our shoulders to the wheel until time's up. (oh and there are no windows so it's a bit depressing).

2. The boss' assistant who thinks she needs to micro-manage everyone and everything to feel important, including a press man who's been printing for 20 years. Everyone kind of cringes when she comes to the back of the shop. Usually she goes on a rant that wastes everyone's time but changes nothing. Grrrr.

I knew this job would be fairly temporary being that there's really no prospect of advancement and there are no benefits, but I was hoping I'd be able to stick with it longer than this. Oh well, lesson learned.

I applied to our local hospital for a patient registration position and interviewed on Tuesday. I didn't get the position, however. The lady that interviewed me said I did well and she encouraged me to apply again because she's expecting another position to open up. She also said she had 25 applicants and usually when she has an opening she has about 4 or 5 applicants. Apparently there are a lot of folks looking for work right now.

So yesterday I applied at our local Starbucks (did you know they offer benefits? I guess that's why their drinks are so expensive). I was a bit surprised when I came across this question: "What do you like most about coffee?" Well, since I don't drink it (or anything containing caffeine) and the few times I've tasted it I was appalled by the bitter, nasty taste, I thought quick and wrote, "The aroma". And it's not even a lie. I do indeed love the smell of it. I don't think I'm required to drink the stuff to work there, right?

Well, here's hoping something comes up soon that is a little more, um..., tolerable and decaffeinated.


Emy5 said...

I hope you get the job that you want. Way to answer a tricky question!

Rose said...

Good luck to you!

Rick O'Shay said...

I worked patient registration at the hospital that saved my life 4 times since Feb. I had the job for 3 years and was fired for too many sick days.
I don't know how it is in your local hospital but it's a high pressure job. Collecting money, contacting insurance companis, having to turn people away if they haven't gotten their insurance approval for the tests or procedure. Our hospital required deductables up front. A lot of people don't realize that they have a 1 or 2 thousand dollar deductable. We had to keep track of every patient from the time they entered the door until the time they left our desk. This had to be noted on a log and handed in at the end of the day. Then there is Medicare Compliance for which you have to find the icd-9 codes and the cpt code which are the dianostic and tests or procedure codes. Then medicare will tell you if they will pay or not.
And they wonder why I had so many heart attacks in one year?
I am determined that the next job will be one I enjoy and not settle for. I wish the same for you.

Magirk said...

Quick thinking on that question! I'd be up a creek - I can't stand even the aroma of coffee, let alone the taste.

I hope you're able to find something soon! :-)

LisAway said...

Good luck with finding a job. It sounds like the printing shop one was a dud. :)