Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Nature Walk Of Sorts

The girls were so cute today, they wanted to take the guinea pigs for a walk. They searched for something they could transport them in and finally found a basket for each.

Away we went with the dog and two baskets of pigs for a walk around the block.

The first thing we saw was an acorn woodpecker (I looked it up-and even found a picture).

He was on a telephone pole and the pole was just riddled with holes. In each of these holes was an acorn and the woodpecker was busily pounding another into a hole. It was pretty darned cool.

Then we met an older couple walking their dog. Nat asked them if they wanted to see the guinea pigs (she's famous for striking up conversations with people-just like her dad). The lady made a big fuss over them and I could tell she got a kick out of the girls and their little pets.

I think the guineas liked their little walk too. The girls sure love those two little rodents. They're very lucky critters in my opinion (plus they are super cute and very gentle, what's not to love).

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