Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm a Sap

I cried watching High School Musical 3 today. A total, absolute sap, that's me.

I got the day off being that it's Veteran's Day and the kids didn't have school. It was high time we saw the new High School Musical movie, so we grabbed one of Shelby's good friends, and off we went.

The kids in the movie are now in their senior year and are going to their last prom and putting together their last musical and preparing to go off to different colleges, and say goodbye, and sniff, sniff, I got all sentimental and started sobbing. Sheesh!

I started thinking about this being Sis's senior year, and how most of her class she's known since preschool, and how I've watched all those kids grow up together, and she's going to have her last prom, and everyone's going to go off to different colleges, and have to say goodbye, and sniff, there I went again. Wah!

I also thought about my high school experience and how horrible it was and how I never went to a prom, or fit in, and missed out on so much, then I really had a pity party and started crying again!

Yeah, I'm a complete sap. I did really enjoy the movie though. Especially when Gabriella and Troy waltzed on the rooftop...sniff, sniff, sob!


Rose said...

Here's a tissue. (sniff, sniff) I'm a sap too, even though my children have a ways to go to get through high school, I go through this all the time as they pass each and every milestone. They truly grow up way too fast!

Rick O'Shay said...

Guys can be kinda sappy too. You probably know that. I havn't seen "High Shool Musical" 1,2, or 3.
But I did rent a movie last week and cried through the whole thing. It was more of a snot dripping, can't catch a breath sob.
You may have seen the movie - "PS I Love You" One of the main characters dies in the begining. Then he comes back to his wife through a whole year of notes, letters, trips, and gifts. Very Sappy, very chick flickish.
I'm not afraid to say I loved every minute of it.

By the way I see you have a live cam in Tampa. You're not stalking me are you. ;-)

Magirk said...

Okay, I haven't gotten into those High School Musical movies.

All that aside, though....

You sound just like me.