Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Notes on Christmas

December 23, Christmas Light Excursion
We always go to a certain neighborhood when we visit my dad at Christmas time that's known for it's awesome light display. This year we found a couple new spots too. My new favorite thing is lights synchronized to music.

To me, looking at Christmas lights is the thing that really gets me into the spirit of Christmas. I absolutely love it. I am a cheap Christmas date, for sure-show me some lights and I'm good!

Christmas Eve, celebrate with Aunt and Uncle and Grandpa
I bought a gingerbread cookie kit for the kids since I never had time to bake this year. This also kept them busy while waiting for Aunt Tracy and Uncle Dave to come visit and spoil them all.

Let the spoiling begin!

Christmas morning at home

The big kids' dad came and spent Christmas morning with us. It was really, really nice, and a small Christmas miracle.

Here's a happy kid that got just what she wanted

and here's one that almost got thrown out with the trash

and who knew my son would still want (and enjoy) Legos at age 21? Nat enjoys them too, and here she and Bub build their Legos together.

I "conveniently" had my purse stolen right before Christmas giving the kids inspiration for my gift (a new wallet and purse). See how accommodating I am?

But the best gift of all was just having all my babies under one roof and enjoying each other's company. Moms are easy to please that way.


LisAway said...

Wow, lights put to music! Sounds like the fountain at the Venician! Oh, how I love homes lit up for Christmas! (I'm a cheap date, too!)

Looks like you all had a great time. And glad you have a purse and wallet again! :)

Rose said...

I like the lights too! I still have mine on as a matter of fact!

Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Karen Schmautz said...

Amen to that. wonderful memories and photos.