Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Visitors

Cam and Cass drove up for the day yesterday to visit. I was able to leave work at noon and they treated me to a picnic at the park.

Then we strolled through town for a little window shopping. Really fun! I love hanging out with these two. They're adorable together.

Shel, and especially Nat look at their brother like he's a rock star. They just adore him and can't get enough of being near him. It's very sweet.

Sis and her boyfriend arrived after school. We happened to have some melty beads out and wouldn't you know all 6 of these "kids" started making things with beads, then Cam got out some Legos, to add to the fun.

I got a kick out of seeing them all "playing together". It kind of reminded me of doing daycare!

But it was also really cool to get a feel for how it might be in years to come when I have a daughter or son-in-law. I could really get used to that!

We'll get to have more fun with Cam and Cass in a couple weeks at Chritmas. I can't wait!

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Rose said...

Aww, that's so sweet! It's nice that they are so close even though there is an age difference. We have those beads too! That reminds me of something funny. Sometimes, the kids will make little creations and set them on the counter for me to iron later, and then later turns into days and then weeks. In the meantime, they get knocked into and I have to keep fixing them, putting those little beads back where they were. It takes so much time you would think I'd just get out the iron and be done with it!