Tuesday, December 2, 2008

There's No Such Thing As Too Much Thankfulness Or Too Much Turkey, Right?

Ok, here I go being all thankful again, because it beats being all poopy like I have been (but seriously this is not my favorite time of year -- I hate the pressure of Christmas and I don't like the short days and dark, cold nights...but I digress, oops!)

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving visiting my dad, my sister and my brother-in-law. Mike did all the cooking as usual, and I did the last minute cranberry sauce (or rolls, or butter, or turkey baster) run to the grocery store just hours before the big meal, as usual.

So in honor of Thanksgiving here's a few more things I'm thankful about:

My dad for generously helping me out with Christmas and for refraining from telling me that I seriously need to get my life together one of these years, 'cause I'm 44, for Pete's sake.

Getting to hang out with my incredibly grown up son and his incredibly gorgeous and sweet girlfriend (who totally knows how to tease Mike).

Turkey, seriously I can't get enough of left-over sandwiches.

The weather on Thanksgiving day for being so warm and sunny and nice! Phooey on all you crisp fall day people!

Having 2 1/2 days off of work. Sheer bliss!

Shopping at the mall with my girls (and dare I say I'm thankful for Mrs. Field's and her tasty cookies?)

My dog, because she's so easy to take with us. (Plus also Petsmart, because it's fun to have a place to take the dog shopping too.)

I call this photo "Dogouflage"

Getting to spend time with my sister. and how sweet she is with the girls.


Emy5 said...

Looks like you have a gret fam incuding the dog.

Emy5 said...

That should be GREAT fam. GREAT GREAT fam!

Holly said...

Darling pics!

Rose said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day! I love all the pics, I was laughing at the dogouflage!

Magirk said...

Awwwww, that's a great list, too! :-D

I hate the short days too.

Me and winter??? We just don't get along very well, especially after my birthday. The rest of winter, I could just do without.

(That turkey is seriously calling my name!!)