Friday, December 19, 2008

One Less Job, One Less Paycheck

Well I'm partially unemployed as of today. It was my last day at the printing place. I seriously counted down the days (only 8 more days...only 3 more days, 1 more day to go...).

I have been a printer before. Right out of high school I started at PIP printing running a press and put myself through college with that job. Then I worked at this current printing company some 9 years ago, again running a press.

I know the printing business is stressful. There's always a deadline and there's always a machine that seems to want to work against you making that deadline, but it was something I knew and was ok with, until I came back to work at said printing place. Now I know that I really don't ever need to revisit the printing business as a viable job option again. Ever. If I even think about it slap some sense into me, seriously.

This time when I came back to the printing place, they had gotten rid of the offset press, so I was their Jill of all trades so to speak. They just put me where they needed me. Then I learned that things had gone down hill a bit in the management area, and there was a lot of yelling and blaming and tense feelings as well as very little training.

I thought it was just me, until a gal that's worked there for 12 years confided in me that she planned on working 2 more years until she was of retirement age, but because things had gotten so bad at the shop she wasn't sure she would make it that long.

It was such a relief to walk out today and know I didn't have to come back. But then it was scary because I need a second job still (my restaurant job is only Friday and Saturday nights plus a few events per month). I'm learning that the job market is very competitive right now, even for part-time no-benefit minimum-wage type jobs.

So should I have stuck it out until I had another job? Probably, but already my attitude is uplifted and the stress has melted from my shoulders. What price sanity and happiness? I guess I'll find out!


LisAway said...

Oh, I'm happy for you. And I hope you find something very soon before a new kind of stress sets in!

Rose said...

You did the right thing! A job that makes you feel that stressed isn't worth it for any amount. Now you have more free time to look for something much better. Do you have a Kohl's there? I love to shop there so I'm sure it would be a great place to work :-)

Holly said...

You will find another job and your sanity is more important. You did the right thing!

Rick O'Shay said...

Just enjoy Christmas.

Magirk said...

I think you did the right thing, too. I'll be praying for you to find a better, less stressful, less angry place to be.

I have faith in you! I'm sure something much better will come along soon. ;-)

(Merry Christmas)

Hick said...

Christopher just quit his job at a certain coffee place where he has worked since he was about 17. He said management was terrible and he just couldn't take the stress any longer.

I'm sure you will both find jobs soon. I hope you had a good Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I'm in a job too that I (up till about Nov.) realy enjoyed, then everything started falling apart. It's been driving me crazy trying to hold on to this job till things (might) get better...I finally decided to just go for it and start applying at different places; I got a call for an interview on Mon. and I already feel the weight coming off my shoulders! I'm hopeful...wish me luck!