Thursday, December 11, 2008


Tonight Shelby was involved in a school music concert. Mike and the girls arrived before me and I arrived with a few minutes to spare. I had to park way out on the street, and I tossed my purse on the floor board because I knew I wouldn't need it, then locked my car and hurriedly walked to the auditorium.

Well, this is what I found after the program was over:

A jagged hole where my passenger window used to be, and a missing purse. Dang it! I felt so dumb! I don't think my purse would've been noticeable had I not parked right under a street light. It was really unexpected, as I've never had anything like this happen in our close-knit little community.

Nat and Shel were totally freaked out and started crying. They definitely took it harder than I did.

After the sheriff arrived and took a report, I drove home and immediately canceled my credit and debit cards. My credit card had already been used, but they charged only $1. The credit card lady said it was probably a "test charge" to see if the card was good. Weird. I called the sheriff and told him when and where the card had been used, and maybe that information will prove useful.

Luckily I only had $5 in my wallet and had just deposited the checks that were in my purse. I will notify the bank tomorrow, and am racking my brain to think of what else I may need to be concerned about that was in my purse.

Scrooged! Someone's getting coal in their stocking this year for sure!


LisAway said...

Bummer! You sound so calm and collected about it! Good thing there was nothing too valuable in it! That would have been just what you needed!

Rose said...

I'm sorry that happened! It is a good reminder for all of us, especially this time of year and in this economy to be careful. Not only are you inconvenienced with a broken window that has to be fixed, but to have to cancel and have all your cards reissued. I would be so mad!

Rick O'Shay said...

This seems to be happing every where. My wife's car was broken into at church and purse stolen.
Let me tell you ladies something. Don't leave your bags in the car.
Sorry just had to get that in.
Doesn't help when your wife is sobbing and you're giving her a lecture. I guess it's the guy in me. We're not very sensitive.