Monday, February 18, 2008

Another Monday Mash

We ate Hamsters on Friday night and they were delicious. (Thanks, Holly!) They are actually shredded chicken mixed with cream cheese and veggies wrapped up in cresent rolls and dipped in bread crumbs. When you put the yummy cream of chicken gravy on top they taste a lot like chicken pot pie. They were a hit, except that Shelby was a little offended by the name since she has an adorable hamster named Baby. We took a picture (that's blurry, sorry) of Baby and an edible hamster for comparison, but as you can see, Baby turned suddenly cannibalistic and we had to trash one of the scrumptious morsels.

I have a new calling at church-1st Counselor in Primary. Which means instead of teaching the under 8's Sunday School, now I teach or conduct Sharing Time (when all the kids come together after their classes.) I was a little nervous, but everyone said I did a good job yesterday. Our Primary is extremely small, just 6 kids that come regularly, 2 of which are mine, and I really wasn't so much nervous about teaching to the kids, it was that the Primary President, the Chorister and Pianist were there too, and so there's a little added pressure I guess. After teaching Sunday School for the last 2 1/2 years I was ready for a change, so I think this will be good for me.

After church the girls wanted their friend (the Primary President's daughter) to come up to play. We often let the girls have get-togethers on Sunday, since we live in different towns and it's hard to get them together any other time. Her mom said that she had a huge crock pot full of chicken and rice and she would bring it up when she picked up her daughter. I said, "Are you going to stay for dinner?" Which was a stupid question I know. I was just surprised that they would want to come to our house for dinner. I really like her and her husband, and we all had a great time. The only other couple that ever comes for dinner is our niece and her husband, so this was a treat. They even talked about doing game nights together sometime. Wow, a couple our own age to get together with! Yay!

In other news....They're Here......

I won't rest until they're all gone too. I swear I would buy them by the case if my budget allowed. Yum!

I'm reading The BFG by Roald Dahl to Shelby. She and Nat are really enjoying it, and beg me for "one more chapter" every night. I was afraid it might be too scary for Nat because of the giant snatching the little girl from her bed, and the other giants who eat "human beans", but she's been ok with it. I remember reading it with Cam and Sis too, and how we all laughed at the silly things the Big Friendly Giant would say and do. It's definitely a good read!

Happy President's Day. I have the day off. No daycare kids. I got to sleep in and now we're going to try to figure out something fun to do. The weather is gorgeous so we need to figure out a way to enjoy it.


Ally said...

Oh man!!! I LOOOOOOVE the BFG! :D I read it when I was younger, and I just loved it!

We call them 'chicken pillows' or 'chicken turnovers' at our house, but we love them all the same! Hamsters is a much better name, though. (ha, ha)

I hope you enjoy your new calling. I've never been in a Primary presidency before. Not sure if that's one of the callings I'm 'hoping' not to get, it's just that I doubt my abilities for interacting with children. :S

Good luck with all the cookie distribution! :D (You're so awesome to do that.)

(And thanks for your comments on my blog today. You're so sweet.) :)

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

They look good! I love the comparison picture. I've never been a presidency until now. Good luck with primary. I'm kind of enjoying the YW secretary calling. All the fun without all the responsibility!