Friday, February 1, 2008

Brain Empty...Must....Fill...

Well I was on a roll on Monday with my "Brain Dump" and apparently I really did dump everything out of it because I haven't had a bloggy thought since then!

We've been dealing with snow storm after snow storm for the last 2 weeks. Got a bunch more last night and had yet another late start for school this morning. I think in the last 10 days of school we've had an unprecedented 2 snow days, and 5 late starts. There is another snow storm tomorrow night and then maybe it will quit for a few days. Sheesh! We usually don't get hit this hard all at once so I'm being a bit of a weenie about it I guess.

The girls and I attended the Chocolate Extravaganza tonight at church. This is undoubtedly the highlight of my week. Chocolate cake, chocolate candy, and all sorts of goodies to dip into a chocolate fountain. I even tried Nutella for the first time. It was darned tasty, I tell ya! I fed the kids dinner tonight before we left, but I didn't eat because I didn't want to spoil my appetite. I have priorities after all!

Tomorrow Sis and I will pack provisions and make the 2-hour plus trek to the biggest mall within a reasonable day's drive to continue our prom dress search. Last week we had Prauma (prom dress trauma) after a disappointing online and local dress search, so does that make prom dress shopping tomorrow Promping? I don't I said my brain be empty!


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

You're hysterical Moody! Too much snow and not enough chocolate. You need more chocolate!! How come we've never done a Chocolate Extravaganza at church? Hmmm. I may need to remedy that. Have fun promping! I love that: prauma and promping.

Ally said...

Good luck in the prom dress search!

We've had much snow here as well the last few weeks. I am just so freakin' tired of it! I know we need the moisture, but a break once in a while would be nice.

I just really need to see the SUN.