Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Daisy Was Here

Yesterday I had my Daisy girl scout meeting with Nat and 5 other kindergartners. They're very fun girls but it's a bit like herding cats. They have tons of energy and very tiny attention spans, but they couldn't be cuter in their little blue Daisy tunics and bright smiles.

We were working on our Friendly and Helpful petal (at this age they earn daisy petals, not badges), by beading friendship bracelets. I also gave each of the girls 3 cards that read "A Daisy Was Here" at the bottom, and then they decorated their cards with foam flowers and stickers. I instructed them to take their cards home and to think of helpful things they could do around the house without being told, whether it was straightening up magazines on the coffee table or taking dirty dishes to the sink. After they did their helpful deed they were to leave their Daisy card behind.

As the girls were winding up with their crafts, I popped into the other room to check on a mom who was setting something else up in the next room. When I tried to come back in to where the girls were working, they wouldn't let me in, "Don't come in yet!", "Don't look!", "Wait right there till we tell you!"

Finally I got the ok to enter. The girls were all hiding under the table, trying unsuccessfully to suppress their giggles and the table was completely cleaned up. They had put away all the beads and stickers, markers and glue, and in the center of the table were 6 little "A Daisy Was Here" cards. How cute is that?!


Holly said...

You're my hero to work with the little girls like that. I've been the Wolf Leader for scouts for 18 months and it's really stretched me!

Fun look!

Magirk said...

That's wonderful! :) What a sweet thing to do.

I really admire you for taking on that challenge.