Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Spec-ee-al Kitty Boy

It all started with a spelling list and the word "special".

Shelby was being her procrastinating self about getting her homework done one night and had to finish doing a sentence with each of her spelling words. She was being kind of a pill about it so I decided to lighten the mood when she said she had to use "special" in a sentence. Since my big lovey cat was sitting next to me I suggested, "I have a spec-ee-al kitty boy." Shelby of course rolled her eyes and chose her own sentence, but thus began a weekly ritual: she tells me a spelling word and I use it in a sentence along with "spec-ee-al kitty boy", she rolls her eyes and chuckles then does her own sentence.

Now I look forward to spelling sentence night because I get to be a huge goof-ball and she gets her sentences done without grumbling. It's a win-win.

She did get the last laugh on me though, because when I checked her sentences I noticed when she had to use the word "problem" she came up with the sentence, "My mom has a problem with cats."

This is my "Spec-ee-al Kitty Boy", Opie who is also a champion bed warmer.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

"My Mom has a problem with cats!" LOL!!!!

Ally said...

That is so funny! :D