Sunday, February 17, 2008

Off to See the Princesses

Mike and I took 4 little girls to see Disney Princess Wishes On Ice yesterday. Originally my niece and I were going to take my girls, her 3 year old, and my other great niece, but just a few days before the event my poor niece was put on bed rest due to complications with her pregnancy, so Mike decided he would go with me instead.

Mike and I don't get out together very much, so I jokingly called this our "date". Never mind that we had a 3 year old, a 5 year old, a 7 year old and an 8 year old for company, and that we ate at McDonald's. A date's a date!

Despite the 2 hour drive each way, the girls were very good. Actually, the hardest part of our whole trip was after we made it into the arena and were trying to find our seats. We were bombarded by all sorts of vendors of WAY overpriced Disney goods, along with crowds of other overwhelmed parents with pint-sized princesses in tow. We ended up going the opposite way that we should have, only to get turned around and have to go through all the craziness again to get to the other side of the arena. Whew!

The girls were enthralled by the skating and the princesses and the music. Their little faces were precious. They each got to choose a $10 souvenir, and they shared a $7 (yes, $7!) bag of cotton candy. After the show we walked out to the setting sun and warm temperature and a big grassy area, so we let the girls run and play while everyone else inched their cars out of the parking lot.

We made another potty stop, a Taco Bell dinner stop, and with all the girls asleep and Mike and I both exhausted, we arrived back home at 9pm. It was a very fun trip. Of course Nat asks me today when we can see the princesses skate again, and surprisingly, I think I will definitely consider doing it again next year!


ashley said...

My girls would love to go see this. I just don't know how much I would love taking them. Maybe when they get a little older, it could be doable. You all are wonderful to take your little princess brood.

Holly said...

What great parents you are!

Magirk said...

Holy expensive bag of cotton candy, batman!!

Sounds like it was a lovely time, though. :)