Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Don't Waste Your Money

We got our dog Bindi Sue (or Suey) a year ago from a pet rescue organization. She was one of the last 2 of her litter. Her mom was definitely a Pit Bull, and from the looks of Suey and her brother, who looked exactly like a Black Lab, we figured they were Pit Bull/Lab mixes.

Here's our dog Suey and a picture of her mom Junie.

Well the folks who adopted the brother recently had a doggie DNA test done on him. These tests claim to be able to tell exactly what mix your mixed breed dog is made up of. The test runs about $200.

The lady who runs the rescue thought I would like to know the results of the DNA test and it was as follows: the dominant breed is Weimaraner, and the secondary breeds are Sheltie, Wolfhound, Mastiff and Greyhound.

Let's see, no Pit Bull or Lab or actually any breeds that resemble my dog...hmmm. Well the rescue lady and I are in agreement as to the accuracy of the test!

And just a plug for getting a dog from a rescue: because Suey was fostered through rescue we knew her temperament, and we knew she was good with kids and cats and other dogs. I think adopting through a rescue group is the way to go. The people who do pet rescue really match the pet with the home and do it all out of love of animals and not money.

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Ally said...

LOL about the test accuracy! :D

That's so nice that you've found such a nice dog for a pet. :) The Rescues really are wonderful.