Saturday, June 14, 2008

My Week Off-Day Five

Same format: got chores done, went to a local body of water. I was lax in my picture taking, sorry.

While we were at the pool a family I knew took a table near us, and the mom (whom I know because Nat and her son went to preschool together) set her sleeping baby in her little car seat in the shade and got into the pool with her visiting sister and her other children.

A short time later her little one woke up and let out a squawk so I went to check on her and was greeted by a happy little face that was ready to play, so I unbuckled her and brought her to my table. My friend saw me and I gestured to her that she was ok. A little while later my friend came out to check on the baby and make sure that the baby wasn't inconveniencing me (hah! I didn't mind getting my cute baby fix at all!) She then told me her sister (from San Francisco) freaked out a bit when she saw some strange lady playing with her little niece. She came over to my friend and said, "Do you KNOW that lady?" Yeah, it's one of those small town things.

Later Sis and I went shopping for Nat's birthday. Sis has worked on her high school video yearbook for the last 2 weeks so has missed out on most of our fun outings. Sis loves to play Slug Bug, even at her age, plus she likes to yell Banana! when she sees a yellow car, and it works the same way as Slug Bug, whoever spots it first gets to slug the other. The driver (me) is at a distinct disadvantage since I can't scan the horizon and every random parking lot for yellow cars and VWs.

Because of my sunburn on my shoulders I told Sis she could not punch me there any longer, that she would have to find a place below my shoulders and above my thighs to aim. Well then she would hit me in the boob and laugh her hiney off, especially because it would startle me and I would let out a scream. It was a fun trip, let me tell ya!

I also found out there is yet another car game, as if Slug Bug and Banana are not enough to keep one occupied (or defending oneself, as the case may be). Apparently when you see a yellow light you yell "Jorge!" and hit the ceiling of the car, and the last one to tap the roof has to take off an article of clothing. Hmmm. As if teenagers need another way to get into trouble in the car!

I had no idea that this was a game, so the first two times Sis did this I thought she had seen someone she knew named Jorge and had accidentally hit the roof trying to wave to him. Oh, silly me!

Today it's back to the old grind, I mean my NEW grind. I thoroughly enjoyed my week off. It was so peaceful around here without extra kids, and I feel my nerves returning to normal. Plus we had a blast. Yay.


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about your week off. Sounds like it was lots of fun! I'm glad you were able to take a few days to unwind and relax, you definitely deserved it (although even your "relaxing" days made me tired just thinking about all you did .... lol!).

~Big Sis

Emy5 said...

You are a fun mom to play those car games.

Hope the sunburn gets better.

Virtual ((hugs)).