Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Week Off-Day Three

On day three we took the best of the girls' outgrown clothing to a consignment store that I frequent. I've had good luck dropping off clothing and toys and making a little money on them there. I let the girls each pick out a new outfit and I found 2 nice pair of jeans for me. Total bill $25. I love that store.

The girls show off their "new" outfits.

We then had to go get some of life's necessities like sunscreen, Motrin and toilet paper.

Then it was off to Kung Fu Panda. The fight scenes were a bit intense for Nat, but we all enjoyed it. I think Nat ate her weight in popcorn. Who knew she could hold that much?!

I've been enjoying my week so much that I even forgot it was my dance night. That's extremely unusual for me as that's a night I look forward to all week. It dawned on me as we walked in to see the movie. Oops!

As soon as the movie was over I took the girls home grabbed my dance bag and headed back down the hill. I was only a little late. The ladies I danced with at Rakkasah came this week and we had a wonderful time chatting and teaching them one of our dances. Hopefully they will begin dancing with us on a regular basis now.


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Your vacation sounds great so far. I must be a failure as a mother...I can't wait for school to start again.

Ally said...

Girls' Day Out - sounds like fun to me. :)

Again, I just love those pictures.

Your girls are so beautiful.