Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My Week Off-Day Two

On day two of our 5 day extravaganza, we went through Nat and Shel's closet and dresser drawers. Not a task for the weak of heart!

Shelby is really good about getting rid of whatever she doesn't like anymore or that doesn't fit. Nat however is a whole different story. It seems every article of clothing has some sort of sentimental tie for her and it's so hard for her to get rid of anything. She is SO like her father. Sigh...

I can be pretty cunning though, so with a little distraction and a lot of hiding her outgrown treasures amongst Shel's we were able to make a considerable dent.

We followed up that chore by cleaning Baby's cage. I know, we're supposed to be having fun this week, but there are things that have to get done too, and we usually end up even making our chores fun somehow. The girls like to rearrange his cage and give him special treats after the dirty work is done (mostly by me, big surprise).

For our special outing we went to visit baby Zach and gave him the present the girls picked out for him a month ago and have been anxiously waiting to deliver to him.

They were all thrilled to get their chance to hold him especially our resident baby hog, Sis. I really didn't get my fill, but I guess it's ok if I share him a little! (I'm so generous, I know.)

My niece had to show us his tiny fanny when she did his diaper change. He really has no butt. It's pretty hilarious. Poor Zach though, he had all his girl cousins standing around giggling over his little hiney. I'm sure that constitutes some sort of baby abuse.

I love his little preemie outfit. The pants were just too darned cute.

After Shel and Nat were in bed, Sis and I stayed up and watched 27 Dresses. It was good chick flick fun! Oh man, that James Marsden is very easy on the eyes, that's all I'm saying.


Emy5 said...

Chores can be fun sometimes?!?

That is a cute little pet, and a darling sweet preemie baby, with lots of attention from the ladies.

Loved 27 Dresses.

Magirk said...

Those pictures are so precious!