Thursday, June 5, 2008

Love It or Hate It

Shelby's girl scout troop went to Club Libby Lu last weekend as a special treat with their hard earned cookie money.

They got their hair and nails done, had some sparkly stickers and lip gloss applied and got a bright pink sequined tank top to go with either a super cool DJ headset, or a tiara. The gals that work there then led them in a dance.

Nails are painted, then sprinkled with glitter, because there's really no such thing as "too sparkly"

The girls had so much fun, and I thought it was super cute, however when I Googled Libby Lu to find out more, I found message boards where women where either venomously against the whole thing, or like me, found it to be harmless fun. No gray area here. BLACK or WHITE.

Hair do's are liberally (and I do mean LIBERALLY) sprayed with glitter hair spray, because again, there's never too much when it's sparkly. (Shelby's gone to a pool party and had several baths, and she still has glitter on her scalp!)
Some women said they would never allow their daughter to attend a party at Libby Lu because they think it is "trashy and inappropriate" and is sexualizing young girls by making them look like "prostitutes" and even "pedophile bait".

I think it's just dress up fun. The tank tops weren't skimpy, the hair do's were fun and age appropriate, and the make-up was minimal. I would've eaten this up when I was this age, and I personally don't find any harm in it. I was just really surprised to see that there was so much controversy about it. I highly doubt letting a girl go to Libby Lu is setting her up to pursue "the world's oldest profession". Seriously, get a grip people!


Emy5 said...

I would let my girls do this too. It looks harmless enough to me.

Anonymous said...

Love It .... I agree with you, it seems like harmless fun for the girls. :>)

~Big Sis