Saturday, May 31, 2008

Summer School

I was pretty excited about the younger girls' progress in school lately. Shelby finally achieved her goal of 25 AR reading points in a trimester and earned her coveted Vat O' Red Vines that we had agreed on , and Nat read and tested on a 2nd grade level book! Woo hoo! I have awesome kids!

However, yesterday I received a letter from the school recommending that Shelby attend Remedial Summer School. I really felt like I've somehow failed her. I searched my memory for clues on how I neglected her studies, or didn't drill her enough on her multiplication facts. Have I not been reading enough to her? Maybe not challenging her enough somehow? What did I do?

Then I began to think maybe it's not me. I think as parents we get so involved in our kids lives and revel in their accomplishments as a kind of validation that we're good parents, that when they don't measure up to a certain standard, or fail at a task, we take that personally as well. Well, at least that's how I am.

There's a big step up in academics from 3rd grade to 4th, and I don't want Shelby to be at any disadvantage, so I broke the news to her that she will attend summer school for 3 weeks. I am now going to focus on HER not ME. Goodness, sometimes I'm ashamed of myself!

I did find it funny that in the letter they spelled summer school "sumemr school". Yeah, who REALLY needs the remedial education I wonder?


Karen Schmautz said...

When we were at Aly's graduation, the principal said, "Would everyone please take their seats, the graduates are about to process into the stadium." Process? (Emphasis on the last syllable as in processional...not a word.) sigh.

Honestly, I have the same issue. I feel like a bad parent if my kids don't get good grades, but you are right. It's about the child not the parent. You are a great parent and little Moo will benefit from her summer lessons. It will give her more confidence in the fall.

Anonymous said...

How funny (and scary) that the people teaching our kids can't spell or speak properly .... yikes!

~Big Sis :>)

Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Every single newsletter or note that has come home from my son's 4th grade teacher has grammar and spelling errors in it. Drives me nuts.

I tend to take my boys' education personally. But, I think you are a great parent and summer school will give Moo some confidence. It's not a bad thing.