Thursday, May 22, 2008

Barn Doors and Bugs

The other day Shelby and I had a conversation with Nat about zippers. We were explaining that your pants zipper is called your fly, and that sometimes people will say, "your fly is down", or "your barn door is open" or "xyz" which stands for examine your zipper, to let you know if it's down.

Today the girls were goofing around and Shelby tells Nat, "By the way your barn door is open" and Nat says, "You mean my bug?" Shelby laughed and corrected her, "No, your FLY."

I had to laugh, and now I think Nat has coined a new saying for zippers around here! How does, "check your bug" sound?


Emy5 said...

That's a pretty good code. I say stick with that.

Anonymous said...

I just love those girls. They are so silly and always coming up with new and funny things to say. :>)

~Big Sis