Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day Show-N-Tell

My Mother's Day started on Friday morning with the annual kindergarten Mother's Day tea. All of the kindergarten moms gather in the classroom for a performance of our children. They sang Baby Beluga, You Are My Sunshine, and You Are Wonderful to us. We had to pass the tissue box around it was so sweet. We then had tea and cookies and received our school's traditional gift--a ceramic hand print and a watercolor lupine card. This is my 4th and last kindergarten tea so I was getting just a bit nostalgic...

On Sunday we took a picnic to a nearby lake and paddled around in the canoe.

My picnic choices were as follows: Wheat Thins and hummus, BBQ Baked Lays chips, honey roast peanuts, and fruit dip with strawberries and apples. The fruit dip is simple, just a block of cream cheese softened, mixed with a jar of marshmallow creme.
It truly is to die for, as was confirmed when I had to fish out a wayward insect who found his way into it and had succumbed to the dips deadly deliciousness.

We had a lovely paddle around the lake. We brought my faithful dog Suey. It was her maiden voyage, and she was not quite sure if she wanted to go or not. We bribed her with a little stale bread that we brought to feed the ducks and once we were out on the water she settled down nicely and enjoyed herself.

We found a couple ducks to feed, and a family of Canada geese with 5 fuzzy goslings. They were adorable. Suey found them quite fascinating, but luckily she stayed put in the boat.

Nat and Shelby, just to prove that they are their father's daughters, began eating the stale, freezer burned hot dog buns that we brought for the ducks. They weren't doing it to be funny, they were actually enjoying them. Ewww!

After we had come back to shore we ran into our old neighbors. We have been close friends since our oldest kids were babies. We joked that the only way we get together anymore is to just run into each other because our schedules are so hectic we are never able to plan a day together. It was nice to sit and catch up with their busy family.

I also had a nice chat with my son, and he sent one of the cutest cards I think I've ever seen along with some fun photos of he and his girlfriend.

Shelby made a nice watercolor card and painting at school as well as a classroom dessert cookbook. I got a chuckle from the sentiment written inside the card: Dear Mommy, Thank you for everything you do for me. Thank you for getting me Baby (her hamster). He is really sweet. Although he pees a lot I still love him. It is cute how you put him in your sweader he gets so hyper sometimes. Love your daughter. (I liked her spelling of sweater, and as an explanation, I like to put Baby in between my shirt and my hoody and let him crawl around).

We topped off this perfect day with Mike's homemade chile rellanos. Little Nat cracked us up by eating the fresh cilantro leaves like they were popcorn (again, no paternity test needed for that kid!) And we sat down to watch the season finale of Survivor. (I really didn't like Parvati, so I wasn't happy that she won, but when I found out her last name was Shallow, I thought that it was quite fitting!)

So everyone made a big fuss over me because I am the MOTHER, but to tell the truth, I would feel just as special and proud and happy even if they didn't. This mom-gig is great!


Emy5 said...

What a lovely day- from strawberries in fruit dip to the sweet note about a hamster. Happy Mother's Day :-) only 2 days late!

Karen Schmautz said...

I love that strawberry dip too. It's also great with fresh pineapple. You know what else is amazing on strawberries...dip the strawberries in sour cream and then in brown sugar. Sounds weird, but it is delicious.

Loved the picture of the kids in the boat.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful and well deserved Mother's Day!

~Big Sis

P.S. I was bummed Parvati won survivor too.

Ally said...

You're so cute. :)

Glad to hear you had a wonderful day. It does sound like so much fun! I'm a little envious, I admit.

And that fruit dip is one of my favorites too - Mmmmmmmmmm!