Monday, May 26, 2008

Weekend Wrap-up

I started my new job on Saturday, working at a local lodge at their snack bar. (I only have 2 weeks of daycare left. Woo-hoo!) The weather was wet and cold so there weren't the usual crowds this weekend, which suited me fine especially when it comes to being trained for a new position. I am learning to grill burgers and make French fries. Having lived 43 years and never worked for a fast food joint, this was all new to me. I was pleasantly surprised to know that it's not brain surgery.

I am really looking forward to going to work and leaving it there and coming home, instead of having my work come to me, trash my house, and leave me in chaos.

Cam worked at this same lodge for 3 years, and Sis also worked here for a summer, but because Cam worked here the longest I'm known as Cam's mom and get to be told what a nice kid he is. That's kind of nice. Also I think of him a lot knowing that I'm doing the same work he did at one time, and I know he will commiserate with me after I've been hovering over a hot grill on a crazy-busy weekend this summer (or maybe he'll laugh and say I should've known better!)

I was not able to attend church this weekend because of my new job, and it has really thrown me off. I really feel like something is missing. Mike was able to drop the girls off to attend, and their friend was baptized this Sunday, so I'm glad that they didn't miss out. I am requesting Sundays off, but I have no idea if there is any possibility of that happening.

We made a quick trip to Wal-Mart this weekend to get Nat a new fish after the untimely demise of Lucky. She got a cute spotted goldfish, but has thus far turned down all name suggestions. We came up with some good ones too: Phinneus, Flipper, Funfetti and Sprinkles. No go. She's being quite stubborn about it.

Shelby got a fish too. He was a very plump variety called a Pearlscale goldfish. They are extraordinarily round, so she named him Bubble. Both new little fish are doing well so far.

I'm happy that one of my favorite shows is back on: So You Think You Can Dance, or Shooba dooba dooba dance, as we now call it because I couldn't understand the words to the theme song when we first started watching it and thought that's what they were saying. That would have been cute if Nat had said it, but it was just embarrassing for me and is fodder for harassment from the kids now. However, it stuck so we always sing "Shooba dooba dooba dance" when it comes on now.

There were two guys on the show tonight that I couldn't get enough of. They did kind of the pop-and-lock style but to a whole new degree. It was just fascinating how they could move. I love all of it though, and never tire of watching beautiful dancers even though it makes me feel like I dance like Frankenstein in comparison.

Now, I must go get horizontal. I've not spent nearly enough time in that position and tomorrow starts a whole new week! Good Night.


Anonymous said...

As usual, I get exhausted just reading about your hectic, but fun, life. Sounds like a very productive weekend. Has Nat decided on a fish name yet?

~Big Sis :>)

Karen Schmautz said...

I love that show, too. What do they say, anyway? I thought it was shooba, shooba, too. Sigh.

Congrats on the new job.