Thursday, June 12, 2008

My Week Off-Day Four

Day four. We didn't do anything productive. We skipped right to the fun outing instead.

We met our long time friends at a local lake. My friend's kids are 22, 20-the boys, 17, 15-the girls, 11, 8-girl and boy. We met when our oldest boys started t-ball together long, long ago. Then our oldest daughters became friends. Then she had #5 and I had #3 (Shelby) and then she had #6 when Shel was 5 months old so the three of them grew up together too like our older ones. Then along came Nat, the baby of the group and I don't know why my friend didn't have another to give Nat a playmate. What a slacker!

We had 3 years where we were neighbors which was a lot of fun. Since we moved down the hill a bit we don't get together like we used to, but this summer we're going to try to remedy that since I don't have a herd of daycare kids tying me down.

I picked up my little niece to give my big niece a break. Baby Zach is not fond of sleeping at night and his apnea monitor goes off a lot, so she has been really run down.

I've got a thing about taking pictures of little girls holding hands and walking away from me. I think it's the cutest thing ever. Here is Nat and her little cousin Emma.

Fun in the boat.

Grandpa Rocky stopped by with frozen treats for everyone.


Shelby and Sarah fishing. They were inseparable.

File this under "At 43 you should know better". Yeah, I was just sitting in the shade so I "didn't need" sunscreen. Duh. and OUCH! Just be glad that I spared you a photo of my shoulders and cleavage!

And lastly Suey got dressed up in Shel's rash guard.


Hick said...

Ha! red legs and dog outfits...

Very nice day. Those girls are adorable.

Magirk said...

Yikes! That's quite a burn. :-S Hope it heals quickly, and thanks for not showing your cleavage - although I'm sure it's lovely (LOL). :D

Looks like a lot of fun. Love the pictures, still. ;)