Friday, June 6, 2008

The Week That Was

In addition to the usual stuff, my week was as follows:

Monday-pool party with Shelby's class

Tuesday-field trip with Nat's class, and started teaching my Bellydance Fitness class at the local health club.

Wednesday-pick up 3 year old niece and run errands while the other kids are in school, attend dance rehearsal in the evening, take girls to the park afterwards.

Thursday-pick up 3 year old niece, head to school to help with field day with Shelby's class, have hot lunch with Nat. Later take the dog to a Rabies Clinic at the local Moose Lodge.

Friday-help with the kindergarten barbecue, run to the local gift shop to grab a gift for a party the girls are attending tomorrow, go back to school to pick up girls, watch all the teachers, aides and principal do an end of the year dance in front of the loaded school buses (it made me tear up, goodness how sentimental am I?), then I gathered up the girls to race to the store to pick up the cake I ordered for THE LAST DAY OF DAYCARE WOOOO! and made it home 5 minutes before the bus unloaded my charges onto my front lawn. (I will write about the last day of daycare festivities tomorrow.)

I'm feeling a bit tired...I wonder why...


Magirk said...

I'm tired just reading that! ;)

(You're so dedicated.)

Holly said...

Well, I'm exhausted now. I think I'll take a nap in your honor!!

Anonymous said...

Ditto from me .... yawn.

Big Bis

Emy5 said...

It is nice that you are so involved with your children at school. End of year is so tiring!