Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Case of The Missing Tweezers

I've been missing my best tweezers for over a week. I had already accused the girls and Mike and searched my make-up drawer to no avail. Where could they have disappeared to?

I, like most women, get the occasional unfortunately placed dark hair on my face and I like to keep those things under control, to say nothing of my eyebrows, so I was really starting to need those tweezers.

I had two other pairs of tweezers in my make-up drawer so I decided to try them (because by now I have three hairs that are taunting me). These stupid tweezers would not even touch my hairs! What's with that? Why does a company make tweezers that are so poorly designed that they cannot grasp a hair? What exactly are they intended for? Well, I promptly (and huffily) dumped them both in the waste basket.

I then went out to do laundry, and among the wet clothes I noticed my nice hoodie and put it in the dryer. I then heard a distictive "clink" in the bottom of the washer. I looked and, oh joy! My tweezers! NOW I remember what happened: I had taken the tweezers from my room to the girls' bathroom where the light is better, used them and instead of putting them back in my drawer, I put them in the pocket of my hoodie to do later, and the rest is history!

Yay, I found my tweezers! Wild hairs, here I come! But first to finish the laundry, so I put the tweezers in the pocket of yet a different hoodie I was wearing at the time (hmmm...I'm noticing a pattern here...), and then of course I forgot about my crazy, taunting hairs and my fantastic hair-pulling tweezers and took the dog for a walk instead.

To the best of my knowledge, my tweezers probably fell out of my pocket during our walk, and a search did not turn up anything. And yes, those hairs are pretty happy, and getting sassier by the day!

Procrastinating will get you in the end every time!


LisAway said...

I would never have expected to have such an "I KNOW!" moment over a post about tweezers. But I DO know! My perfect pair went missing a couple of months ago and the other lame pair only actually pinches at one little spot on the edge so you have to angle it perfectly to grab a hair. How annoying.

Arya said...

I want to know why they make tweezers that can't grasp a hair too! I have several of those type of tweezers and the kids always want to use my good ones and lose them...geez can't they make a decent tweezer now a days?

susette said...

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Shimmy Mom said...

I'm so right there with you. Tweezers disappear in my house all the time. And I am Queen of Procrastination.

Good luck finding them.