Wednesday, March 4, 2009

This Post is Absolutely NOT About Guinea Pigs

Ok, so I lied.

At risk of losing ALL my readership, and becoming the Guinea Pig Blog, I am going to post yet again about our critters. But wait, before you quit reading, just hang in there and check this out, 'cause at the end I think you'll admit that it's pretty cool.
One sheet of coroplast from the local sign shop (free)
Two sets of storage cubes from Walmart ($42)

A patient husband with good measuring and cutting skills

Two "really helpful" little girls

And 4 hours later, you have a new piggy palace!
And a happy pig family! (Their new place is about 3x the size of their old one, and cost less than half the price!)
(Thanks to this website)


Rose said...

I like your guinea pig posts! Is this the Extreme Home Makeover edition?? LOL

Arya said...

How fun! we just expanded the gerbils home to include an aquarium to their habbitrail...Their house in comparison to our own is probably a

Emy5 said...

Now, that is a great idea. The little ones will have more room to play. Excellent work :)

Magirk said...

Wow! That is an AMAZING piggy palace! :-D

Way to go, all of you. ;-)