Thursday, March 12, 2009

What To Do?

I decided to pay my tithing this year. I had discussed this with a friend of mine who has a strong testimony of tithing, and it really helped me to decide I needed to do this and it was the right thing to do.

The thing my friend said that stuck with me was that if Jesus Christ has the power to meet your spiritual needs, he most certainly has the power to also meet your physical needs, so that if you tithe and need something, it will be taken care of.

Now, a dilemma. I have my tithing check sitting on my desk. All I have to do is walk it across the street to the bishop. That's it. So easy. But not.

Mike was overdrawn in his account, so I bailed him out, and what with me quitting my job and everything, I'm now stressing out about coming up with my car payment in about a week and a half if I do walk that money across the street and give it to the church like I should.

I really wish I had a strong testimony of tithing right now, and knew that somehow I'd be able to make that payment and pay tithing too. I just don't. What to do, what to do?


LisAway said...

Greg had a similar situation recently. We're big on tithing so I never would have thought that he would hesitate. I didn't even know he had until he came in one day and sat us all down and told us that the day before he had a tithing envelope filled and ready but knew that we absolutely could not afford to pay it. He struggled. He payed. The next morning our tax refund (quite a lot of money, definitely more than he'd paid for tithing) came in the mail. Talk about instant blessings. And we've had a few other similar things happen.

I know those things don't always happen, but I really believe that if you keep that commandment you will be blessed. You might not even make your car payment, but there is no question at all that you will be blessed in a way that you really need. I believe it with all my heart.

Rick O'Shay said...

This is the hardest concept in the world to grasp. It's not easy to think that giving away money will bring in money. I've heard story after story of people saying they have been so blessed because they have given their 10th or tithe and even going over 10%.

My mom and dad went to church with a man by the name of Anthony Rossie the founder and owner of Tropicana Orange Juice, This was 40years ago before he sold the plant. I knew him as Mr. Rossi.

Mr. Rossi always kept peppermints in his coat pocket and he loved kids. If you didn't know him you would never know he was a multi millionair. He had a very thick Itialian accent and loved to laugh.

There was one secrete that came out that no one knew untill after he died. Mr Rossie lived on 10% of his earnings and gave 90% back to his church and community and he was still a wealthy man.

I wish I had his faith. I just don't believe I can give 10% and pay the electric, or car payment, or any of a dozen bills. Something would have to go. And maybe something should be sacrificed. We in America are the most selfish people on the glob It wouldn't hurt me to wash my dishes by hand. Turn off the TV and read a book. There's lots of things I could do to be able to afford to tithe.
Now you've inspired me. If I can't tithe from now on at least I can for Lent. What do you think.

Ally said...

I believe in tithing. :-)

Pray, and test the Lord, and ask Him for that testimony of tithing.

After all, it does say 'Prove me now herewith...'

(Good luck! I'm cheering for you!)

Rose said...

Is it true that you have to show your W-2 to your church to prove you're tithing 10% to stay in good standing? We have a stewardship drive going on at our parish, and the motto is, "God gives it all, then calls us to share" Typically, it is recommended to give 5% to the church, and 5% to the charities of your choice. We also have a diocese-wide collection, as well as many other special collections for charity groups. We have had families talk about their blessings from tithing-- and I believe that the real lesson is like Rick said above-- that we learn priorities, and give out of our necessity rather than our extra, the first fruits. Our parish has a pledge drive once a year so that they know how much money they will be able to count on to work with in their budget. We are also encouraged to stewardship in three areas: Time, Talent and Treasure. Maybe some of us have more time than money-- or more talent, and they can share that as well-- especially those on fixed incomes such as the elderly. They have lots of time, but not so much money. I think that moving toward giving 10% is a good thing to strive for, for those who aren't or don't think they can. It teaches us to trust in God's Providence for us and it helps us keep our priorities straight. That said, the strict 10% of gross income could be a hardship for some, since it doesn't take into account other things such as job loss, illness, how big a family you have, etc. It should be a personal and prayerful decision. I do know in times I needed money for something not a necessity (such as paying a bill), I did receive money from an unexpected source. God is never outdone in generosity! Is it possible you can pay part now and part later, so that you can make your car payment too? Just a thought---

Kethry said...

Definitely pay it. You decided to pay this year, please keep going. Just this Sunday I had to choose between catching up on my tithing and be full, or paying half and paying my roommate for the utilities. She has more bills than I, and she has been stressing way more than I have been. But I knew that I needed to get my status back to a full tithe payer. (I would feel way guilty if I went to the temple without catching that up.)

Put your faith and trust in the Lord, and He will see you through this time. This is the first time I've ever been in this tight of a spot. But I trust God that He will help me through.

Oh, and Rose, no, we don't have to show proof of income. Our word is considered enough.

Shimmy Mom said...

Hey there soul sister!

Pay it, you'll be glad you did. But this is yet another proof that we have to be related somehow. Tithing is the hardest aspect of the gospel for me to have perfect faith in. We have struggled with being full tithe payers many times in our marriage. I wish I had an easy, cure all answer for you, but honestly I'm still a work in progress myself.

Love your blog, I am so glad that you found me. It's so fun to know that I'm not the only one shimmying out here in blog land.
Yes I do have four children and am also LDS, but I also have a small zoo of my own, as it sounds like you do. We have 3 dogs, one cat, and a bird right now, which is an all time low for us. We breed rabbits until very recently and over the years our house has seen. Guinea pigs, an iguana, gerbils, birds, a duck and a horse. And we also have about 8 boxes of girl scout cookies in my house right now.

Good luck with your upcoming performance, I'd love to know where you'll be. Keep spreading the dance. As for myself, my RS pres. just asked our Bishop and Stake Pres. if it would be alright for me to teach a belly dance class on Thurs. nights for our RS workout group, and they said YES! So I have about 6 other women (as of now) signed up to learn how to shake it with me.

Thanks again for stopping by and saying hello, I have you bookmarked now.