Sunday, March 8, 2009

A Week of Reflection

Well, it's been a full week since I've quit my job at the casino. And guess what? No regrets.

After what seemed like weeks of rain and snow, the weather finally broke, and this was what we saw right out our front door:

(If you want to know why rainbows are so special to me read this.)
Of course we had one more storm which gave the girls a snow day of sorts on Wednesday. The school called a 2 hour late start due to snow, but when Mike drove up the hill to drop them off (they still go to their old school in snow country) they had closed the school because of a power outage (meaning no heat...brrrr).

Since Nat had just taught herself to ride a 2-wheeler (when you're the 4th child you have figure out how to do things for yourself!), she was excited to take a bike ride on this surprise day off. We went to the park and saw how much water was in the creek and the girls rode through puddles. Too fun!

I worked Wednesday, Friday and Saturday evening at my old restaurant job bussing tables, and it was great. Low pressure, fun people to work with and good tips. Totally opposite of the casino.
Sis didn't even know I had quit the casino. That's how much I was seeing of her! She said, "I guess I have to read your blog to know what's going on!" Well not anymore, because I'm HOME! Yay!
Two of my dance friends and I are gearing up for a big performance on the 14th, but one of the gal's husband fell off a roof and fractured some vertebrae this past week. I thought for sure she would want to cancel with all that stress going on right now, but she was insisting that we still plan to do it. After rehearsal today I got a little insight into why, and now understand that she needs her dance outlet more than ever.
After doing the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life for 4 years, and then taking last year off, I decided I needed another cause to put my efforts into. I am now going to do the walk for MS (multiple sclerosis) for my sister who suffers from this disease. I have been really overwhelmed by the generous donations and am so looking forward to the walk at the end of April. (Want to sponsor me? Click here.)

And even though today was "spring forward" one hour, surprisingly I didn't have any trouble getting up on time for church. Of course it helped that shortly after 8am I was awoken by the screams of Nat after she discovered her hamster's cage had been left open and the hamster was MIA.

We haven't seen any sign of Otis as of yet. He apparently survived the plummet from the top of the dresser where his cage is kept, and we think he may have even survived sneaking past the cats and dogs to an unknown hiding place because we haven't seen any signs (if you know what I mean) that he met with an untimely death by one of his predators. Hopefully we'll find him tonight when he starts getting active.
All in all, a good week and I am SO thankful to be home sharing all these little day to day things with my family.


Ally said...

What a beautiful rainbow. :-)

I'm glad you're not having regrets about your casino job. Still hoping that everything will turn out right, that you can find something better, and be able to enjoy your time with your family.

Good luck on the MS walk. You're good to do that. And I hope you have fun with the dancing this weekend.

Sorry to hear about Otis - hope you find him soon! And in good condition... ;-)

Rick O'Shay said...

I've been sick and have missed reading for a week or two and seems like I missed a year of every ones life. You seem happier to be out from under the teepee. And back with those who love you and whom you love. And believe it or not I even got in a post. Who know when I'll ever get in anothe one.
That is a beautiful rainbow. Being from Florida ( hate to rub it in - though it actually been a cold winter for us lots of 30's 40's and 50's there was one day that the whole state never got above 60 even in Key West. and that is very rare.) any way as I was saying being from Florida I didn't know you could have rainbows with snow.
I love your guinea pigs even though I don't get one it wouldn survive the transit any way and I wouldnt want to deprive your lovely little girls from them once you name them it's too late.
I'm just glad for you and God bless you all.