Monday, March 2, 2009

Feeling Like a Weenie

Well, yesterday was my last day at my casino job...I know, I know, I just started that job and was pretty excited about it. To be honest though, I couldn't handle the hours especially with my commute time added (making my days 10-11 hours long). I need to be with my family. I need to be raising my girls. I decided that was my priority. (And really, at minimum wage it certainly wasn't worth it.)

I'm glad I did it though, because at this point last year I was gearing up for a corrrectional officer position at the county jail, and if the budget hadn't gone south, and the hiring would've moved forward, I might have found myself in a much higher stakes job, deciding I couldn't do it.
I was really feeling that I needed to take on the job of family bread winner, but now I see that it just doesn't work that well for me or my family. I've decided instead to keep working at my little tried and true restaruant job that I love on Friday and Saturday evenings, and to find a part time job during the day to supplement. Add to that some serious budgeting and meal planning and couponing and just plain being frugal, and we should be ok. That's the plan as of now. I feel like a weenie, but at least I'm a much happier weenie who gets to spend time with her family!

In other news, here's updated piggy pictures:

Ice Cream at 1 week old

Ice Cream and Callie at one week old. They started nibbling food at 3 days old!
The happy family.
I'm getting supplies ready to build a new piggy palace. There's a great site about building guinea pig cages out of corrugated plastic and metal grid storage cubes, so that will be this week's project. As fast as those babies are growing we are desperately in need of a bigger space for them.
And guinea pigs aren't the only ones who need a little face time on the old blog... here's a recent photo of Suey I found on my camera...
She's just too cool!


Rose said...

Sorry your job didn't work out but it sounds like you have made peace with it and chosen what's best for your family. Those little guinea pigs are so cute! And the dog, too-- stylin'!

LisAway said...

I'm glad for you that you can be at home more for now. I hope you find the perfect part time job soon!

Magirk said...

Love those pictures. :)

Sorry about the casino job, but glad it will relieve you of some stress and put you back in the right direction.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for another, better job for you that fits your schedule!

Good luck. :)

Anonymous said...

Hey lady... don't feel like a "weenie". Being home with your family, living frugally and simply are what's on order in times like these. Doing what you love vs doing what you think you should be doing is really what happiness is all about ;-) Hey... since you're looking for a part time gig... have you ever thought of being a birth or postpartum doula? It's part time, you can take as many clients as you want and you get to work in a field that's all about families, mammas and babies... good stuff! Anyway ~ good for you for doing what you wanted to do ;-)