Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Horse Craziness

Last weekend I made room in my little bedroom for a bookshelf from the garage with the intent to get my books and videos organized and located somewhere where I could access them, and I also wanted to get my old Breyer horses out of their box and display them where I hoped my girls might enjoy looking at them.

I was very horse crazy as a girl and I enjoyed Breyer horses, or "horse statues" as I called them, more than any doll or other toy I had in my childhood. I played with them much like little girls play with Barbies. Each one had a name, some were teenagers, some were mothers, some were the wild little kids. They had conversations and adventures and I made bridles for them out of rubber bands and string. Sometimes a Barbie joined the play and was allowed to ride one, but mostly it was just me and the horses.

Well, today we found my box of horses. They have spent many years stored away during our numerous moves. It was bedtime for the girls, but I just wanted to peek into the box to remember what I had. Well, as soon as Nat got a look they all came out, were organized into what she percieved as families and were dusted. I was then quizzed on my favorites, and then she promptly carted them all off and put them on display in her room on HER bookshelf.

I have successfully passed on the horse-crazy gene. My work here is done.


Arya said...

I too loved horses and what a great gene to pass on to your own daughter...I know I passed mine on to Ruth.

Shimmy Mom said...

That is awesome. I'm sure that she will love the new tradition.


Rose said...

I'm another horse crazy girl! What a nice collection to pass on to your kids, that is wonderful. My little one is very horse crazy too, with her first pony party coming up on Saturday! Right now she is so into the My Little Ponies, she has a huge collection. I should blog about that sometime, thanks for the inspiration!

Magirk said...

Awesome! :-D

That looks like a nice, nice collection.

You're a good Mom. :-)