Sunday, March 22, 2009

Ever Wonder About Those Princess Cakes?

Today at church I was teaching the younger class of 4-8 year olds (the Primary presidency rotates through teaching that class at the moment, and today was my turn). I had only Nat and another little girl who's 4 in attendance.

Our lesson was on baptism, and at the end they had a coloring page with a cake on it and the words "I can't wait until I'm 8" at the top (8 being baptism age). They were to draw 8 candles and then color their cake.

To pass the time, I asked them what kind of cake they would like. Nat wanted strawberry, and the other little girl said, "Princess". To clarify, I said, "Well, what flavor would you like?" Again she responded "Princess".

Nat and I laughed and I quipped, "I wonder what that would taste like?!"

Nat says, "Probably meat."

Ewwwww! (but funny!)


Way back when Nat was just a toddler she and I would play a funny game. I would pull off one of her shoes and sniff her foot and make a big deal about how "stinky" it was. This was always good for giggles (for her and me).

Well, our little game backfired one Sunday in church, as the sacrament was being passed and the congregation was silent. Little precocious Nat pulled off one of her shoes, held up her foot and said loud and clear, "Smell my stinky feet!"

I was so embarrassed, and when I looked up to see if anyone had heard, I saw everyone in the three rows in front of us with shoulders shaking trying to hold back the laughter.


LisAway said...

How funny. I think everyone loves when kids says something really cute and silly out loud during Sacrament meeting. Comic relief, you know?

Rose said...

Kids sure keep us humble!

I remember those days of wrestling the kids in church, especially my boys who never seemed to want to sit still. One time I gave my oldest a little warning pinch to get him to sit still, and he yelled out "Ow MOM why did you PINCH me???" as loud as he could! We've all had those moments!

Momza said...

Big Smiles over here! Dontcha love kids unabashed candidness?
I should be 3 feet tall after all the "shrinking" I've done all these years.
Thanks for coming over!

Emy5 said...

Kids... gotta love 'em and the things they say (loud and clear!)

Overheard In The Ward said...

You totally need to submit them to overheard in the Ward. Quotes like those need to be shared... ;)


Magirk said...

Sooooo funny! :-D