Thursday, January 3, 2008

Bambi is a Happy Movie

Over the holidays I had a conversation with my son, and he said he and his girlfriend Cassie were remembering their favorite movies from childhood and they got on the discussion of Bambi. When Cassie mentioned how sad it was that Bambi's mother died, my son was astonished, "What!? Bambi's mom dies?" This was the first he'd heard of this.

Certainly Cassie was referring to a different movie. But no, the fact is that I would only let my son watch the beginning of the movie and I would turn it off when it got to the part where Bambi's mother was gunned down by the evil hunters. I deprived him or protected him, however you want to see it.

He did say however that at random times Winnie the Pooh songs just pop into his head. Now this I can understand. From the time he was 2 he knew how to operate the VCR and would freely pop in his Winnie the Pooh movies. He watched them so many times that he could repeat almost all of the dialog. But I'll take Winnie the Pooh over Bambi any day (and let's not even talk about the beginning of Nemo, sheesh!)


Holly said...

Oh the things we do as parents! LOL!

Hick said...

Heh. That is too funny. I always hated that part and it makes me cry every time I see it. Although I cry every time I see Disney's Beauty and the Beast.