Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Snow Day

Our school district called a snow day this morning after yesterday's snow storm decided to hang around all night and make a mess of the roads. We don't get snow days very often, only on occasions like today when it snowed so much overnight that the plows couldn't get the subdivisions plowed out in time. The roads in our neighborhood have still yet to be plowed. We got a good 6-8" of snow here at the 3500 foot level, so I know they are doing some serious digging-out up the hill. I lived for many years 12 miles up the road at 5000', so I remember those days quite well!

(I was trying to get a shot of the gorgeous HUGE snowflakes that were falling yesterday afternoon. It looked like feathers were falling from the sky. Unfortunately this photo doesn't show it very well.)

The high school (which is 20 miles down the hill) didn't call a snow day so all of the kids up here still had to get to school this morning including Sis. This is really her first year of snow driving, so it's a little nerve-wracking to have her on the roads.

(Never underestimate two cute little girls dressed in pink--they are double trouble!)

All my daycare kids canceled so it's just me and the girls. Hooray! We spent a lot of time outside playing and one of Mike's friends underestimated two little girls dressed in pink and started a snow ball fight with them. He finally had to raise the white flag and surrender. Those two are relentless! We found a little sledding hill and spent some time doing that, and now we're back inside having hot cocoa. Ah...snow days, what fun!

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Holly said...

It looks so fun! We had a snow day a couple of weeks ago and the boys loved it! Cool that the daycare kids weren't there so you could just have a family day.