Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Slurpees, Suede and Bed Sheets

Continuing on my theme of funny things kids say, at Church on Sunday we were talking about the "Word of Wisdom" (which is your basic no smoking, no drinking, no caffeine, no drugs rule) and the teacher was trying to have the kids come up with ideas of something you shouldn't put in your body because it's not good for you. Nat raises her hand, all excited because she thought of something on her own. When she's called on she says, "You shouldn't drink a Slurpee too fast because it'll give you a brain freeze!" ...not quite what the teacher was getting at, but nice try!

Then Sis is next to me the other night and starts stroking my cheek. Then she strokes her own cheek, then mine again. "Your skin feels different than mine" she says. (I roll my eyes because I have a feeling I know where this is going...) "Really" I say, playing along, "I guess you're going to say mine feels like leather, huh?" "No", she says, "yours feels more like suede" (I guess this is a compliment above leather?) "and mine feels like bed sheets, 200 thread count." That kid is just weird-but she is funny!

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Holly said...

Hysterical. I love the bedsheet comment! That's funny.