Thursday, January 17, 2008

Fall Babies and Spring Babies

My first and third children were born in the fall, my 2nd and fourth, in the spring. I don't normally label my kids, but we have all noticed that for some reason the fall babies have been very alike and the spring ones have also been similar to each other.

The similarities started with their births. The fall babies, 8-9 hour labors, 1 1/2-2 hours pushing. The spring babies? Both labors under 2 hours, one born at home with a call to 9-1-1, the other born on the side of the road. Oops!

Then those fall babies...probably two of the most chubby babies you ever laid eyes on. Their fat rolls brought to mind the Michelin Man ads. But the spring ones...kind of on the skinny side. It didn't help that they never seemed to stop moving long enough to eat!

Then the fall babies, they both have a very mellow, almost shy personalities. They are more the type to keep their emotions in check, play quietly, be introspective, but they also have a wicked sense of humor. The spring babies have both been non-stop talkers, outgoing, very dramatic, very emotional and high energy children.

When I saw this recent photo of the four of my kids (who just happened to line up in order of age) it just really seemed to illustrate the fall-spring differences. Notice the Springs, posing and smiling to make sure they look their best in the photo, and then notice the Falls making faces and mocking their siblings. A picture is worth a thousand words indeed!


Holly said...

Cute picture. I have a winter and a summer. They're different, that's for sure!

Hick said...

I love this photo. Interesting observation about your kids. Let's see my oldest, born on the same day (different year) from your second is outgoing, kinda crazy and show-offy. My Autumn child born 16 days after your firstborn (again, different year) is more subdued, but she's full of fun.

Maybe you are onto something...except for the labor part. My spring child went 28 hours and then a C-section. I was beginning to think that he would never come out.