Saturday, January 5, 2008

What's in a Voice?

So many people mistake me for my daughter and vice versa when we answer the phone. I don't know how many times my husband has gone into detail over some boring matter with Sis before she could break in and say, "Do you want to talk to mom?"

Sis has a friend that gets us mixed up all the time too, and she has gotten to the point where she asks which one of us is speaking now instead of just assuming and launching into her conversation that was meant for Sis.

It seems it's not just me and Sis who have the same voice. My sister and I do too. When I call my dad I always make sure I tell him it's me, because he absolutely has no idea which one of us is speaking. And I remember as a teen, frequently having friends call and mistake the two of us. And we definitely have the same goofy laugh!

My sister said that we also sounded like mom. I know she's right because I can actually sometimes hear my mom's voice coming through me. This usually happens when I'm reading to the kids that I hear her certain inflection coming out of my mouth. It's a bit strange, but comforting at the same time.

It's funny how a voice can be inherited. It makes me wonder how many of my female ancestors also had my same voice. It's kind of a neat thing to think about. That even though the person is gone, the sound of their voice still lingers. Hmmm....


Sue said...

I sound just like a few of my sisters, but nothing like my mother. Or father. (I guess I should be glad about that!)

Holly said...

One of my sisters and I sound alike, and at times my husband will tell me I sounded just like another one. No one has ever said I sound like my mom though.

Anonymous said...

Hey ~ what do you mean we have a goofy laugh! I think our laugh is very elegant (NOT!). LOL .... in a goofy way!
Love you,
~Big Sis

Hick said...

My brother can't tell the difference between me and my daughter when he calls on the phone. He says I answer the phone differently than I actually speak. When Sis calls for Aly, she always knows it me...Her mama didn't raise no fool. Heh.

Hey, we lost power for three days. Glad to see you didn't. (Who would have thought hot coffee and a hot shower would be such luxuries?)