Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bear Turds

This is my favorite quick chocolate fix. Behold the loveliness of my famous Bear Turds:

I've been making them for almost as long as I remember. I was probably 10 or 11 I guess, when I was bored and craving chocolate, and came across this no bake recipe for Chocolate Drop Quickies in my grandma's Betty Crocker cookbook circa 1961.

Grandma must have given this book to my mom, but I know it was Grandma's because it bears the scars of surviving her house fire and I recognize her writing on the cover and inside. Thermidore was apparently on page 269 and Chicken Fried Steak was page 304. I may just have to look those up and cook them at some point.

At any rate, I started baking at a young age and these were always one of my tried and true favorites. Simple ingredients, plus they were quick and easy. And the best part of making them is licking the pan-yum!

I have called them Bear Turds for as long as I remember. I've never really thought twice about it. My family has always had a bit of an irreverent sense of humor. In fact I remember my mom making this fantastic fresh raspberry dessert and my dad, as a joke, and in hopes of keeping everyone out of the leftovers so he could have it all for himself, made a sign that said "Danger! Dog Logs-Keep out!" and placed it on the bowl containing the dessert in the fridge. (You see, he called dog poo, dog logs. So instead of going out in the back yard to shovel dog poo he would go "logging".) We all got a laugh as we opened the fridge to see his sorry attempt at deterring us from consuming it. Sadly from that point on that scrumptious, gorgeous dessert became known as Dog Logs.

It is a bit embarrassing when we have friends over and the kids offer them a Bear Turd. I always cringe and hope they don't mention it to their parents when they go home: "Mom, guess what we ate at Lesley's house!" Alas, I have no one to blame but myself (and my dad)!


Holly (2 Kids and Tired) said...

Your house sounds a lot like my house. I make a breaded chicken roll-up that we call Hamsters. Imagine the reaction I got from the missionaries when my boys said we were having Hamsters for dinner...

Anonymous said...

Yummy, yummy! Though, at our house we know them as 'Gorilla Poops.' Well, actually, my husband's family knows them as such. I know them as 'No Bakes.' ;)

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! :) I'm glad you did, because I like yours and I'll probably be back.