Monday, January 14, 2008

Nothing Out Of The Ordinary

I had one of those mornings when I did something ordinary but realized that it was special in its ordinary-ness.

I picked up Sis from school and accompanied her to her orthodontic appointment. It was just a routine appointment, and from there we went to lunch at Perko's and had crepes and talked about prom dresses and boys.

I relayed a story to Sis in which I was at that very same Perko's with my friend and her family when she had had false labor. After visiting the birth center for an hour or so (my job was to watch her other kids while she labored) and having them release her, we went for something to eat. Here we were, she, very pregnant, her husband and their 5 kids, and me and my 5 month old Shelby, dining at Perko's in the middle of the morning. Towards the end of our meal our waitress came by and told us that the elderly couple that had recently finished their meal and left had paid our entire bill. We were all flabbergasted. It was very cool.

After our lunch, I took Sis back to school and dropped her off and it occurred to me to treasure the times when I get to go to her appointments with her and have lunch, and just share an ordinary day together. She will be grown up with her own life before I can blink.

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Holly said...

Even ordinary can be special. That's such a cool thing. I drove E into Boise tonight to pick up a couple of things for him and it was fun just to be together and talk a bit. I'm glad he wants to talk, I just hope it doesn't stop!